Beep. Beep.

At Honk, we believe in the power of effective communication. To “honk” is to grab attention – commanding notice transcending language, country, car, bike, or train.

We are invested in your growth. Our team is driven by a passion for creating unforgettable brand experiences that captivate your audience and fuel business expansion. We are more than just problem solvers; we are creatives dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. 

Honk if you love results! Our diverse team is equipped to tackle any situation that comes our way efficiently and effectively. Because of our unique internal structure, we can tailor our team to provide individualized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

A Few Faces Behind Our Screens

Catherine Savitch graphic designer owner of creative agency Honk Creative Charlotte North Carolina
Catherine Savitch
Zach Mendelson business consultant Charlotte North Carolina
Zach Mendelson
Business Development
Sarah Hopkins graphic designer Chicago Illinois
Elizabeth Kunz
Creative Director
Sarah Hopkins graphic designer Chicago Illinois
Sarah Hopkins
Graphic Designer

Honk around the world.

Charlotte, Salt Lake City, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Jacksonville, Charleston, New Jersey, Pakistan, India, Anguilla