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Lululemon is a global brand in the retail and e-commerce industry, driven by a strong sense of purpose. They are most-known for their high-quality, athletic apparel and unparalleled customer service.
Services Provided
Product Design
A challenge Lululemon faces is translating their in-store shopping experience to online. The e-commerce world hasn't changed in 25 years--It's time-consuming, difficult to know the right fit and functionality, and lacks personalization.

The solution: Lululemon developed a shopping assistant powered by Generative AI. This shopping assistant can answer product questions, provide information on sizing, and company/store policy questions 24/7. It's trained on Lululemon's brand voice and has a real Lululemon product database behind it. While chatting with the assistant, inline images are generated to help customers visualize visualize to the consumer the product they are interested in, as well as , recommend sizes based on past purchased behavior. Honk worked with lululemons team leading the product design to streamline the interaction between the ai and customer.
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